How Berzinator Fitness Designs will get you in unbelievable shape as quickly and easily as possible.

Facebook PicIf you’re tired of killing yourself in the gym only to wind up spinning your wheels, then you’re in the right place.

If you want finally change your life and look the way you want to look forever, then bookmark this page.

It’s ridiculous how much misinformation about fitness is floating around. It’s no wonder people can pour their souls into training and nutrition, only to make mediocre results at best.

If you want to actually make significant progress that lasts, you need to understand what will provide the best results with minimal effort. You need to stop forcing yourself to stick to boring habits that provide little to no results. You need to keep fitness fun.

Above all else, you need to take psychological factors into account. After all, the best plan is useless if you can’t stick to it.

That’s exactly what Berzinator Fitness Designs will help you do. The information provided on this site and through the online coaching program will guide you towards the body of your dreams without having to jump through all of those useless hoops.

I provide fun and easy to follow workouts that keep you wanting to go to the gym. I provide delicious recipes that make sticking to your diet a breeze. I provide new ways of thinking that will completely change the way you view fitness.


Tim’s comprehensive and dynamic plan helped me get fit faster than I ever had before. The results were unbelievable.

– Greg Reynolds

Tim is like a good financial advisor, only he helps you buy stock in your body. My stats shot up, more people are interested, and business is good.

– Fletcher Garrison


As a young guy just looking to get in shape, I followed all of the typical advice on the internet. I soon learned that most of it wasn’t providing the results it promised.

I became more and more analytical and objective about my nutrition and training and started reading as much research as I could. What started as a hobby turned into a deep passion and before I knew it, I was studying nutrition and exercise in college.

The passion continued to grow and I found myself completely absorbed in educating myself. I soon discovered an interest in writing and educating people. I found that I loved helping others reach their goals and change their lives.

Berzinator Fitness Designs was born out of a desire to teach people what actually works, in a distilled and easy to grasp manner.




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